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Books that Ignite

Books That Ignite a Child’s Imagination

Everyone knows that reading to children is essential. Through books, children learn new words, associate pictures with words, and hear the sounds of their language in use. The best books, however, do more; they launch a child’s imagination, c...

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22 things to do in Tuscaloosa Alabama in 2022

22 Things to Do in 2022

With the new year upon us, it’s time to take advantage of the many things Tuscaloosa and Northport have to offer. From places to eat, to sites for outdoor activities, to events that appeal to all ages, this area is rich with potential. Follow...

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Carolyn Williams, cookbook author of Meals That Heal

Meals That Heal in 2022

If you are like most people, you probably overindulged with your eating during the holidays. And with the new year approaching, you may be thinking of resolutions that lead to healthier living. But we all know what happens to those resolutions ...

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Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa

All Things Black Warrior

The Black Warrior River, named for the mighty Mississippian chief Tuskaloosa, is central to life in Tuscaloosa. Whether you enjoy boating, bass fishing, or are just looking for a beautiful view, the Black Warrior delivers. It flows 178 miles to...

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narcissus holiday decorating ideas

12 Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are here. Tis the season to make your home bright and festive with some special decorating ideas. To make the most of the season, we consulted longtime Tuscaloosa interior decorator Ashley Garrison. She has been making p...

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How to Invite Happiness into Your Home

How to Invite Happiness into Your Home and into Your Heart Make Your Bed 71% of people who start their day by making their bed report being happy. Switch Light Bulbs Fluorescent lights have been known to trigger feelings of anxiety. Turn...

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Image woman with car keys

5 Mistakes to Avoid After Mortgage Pre-Approval

Congratulations, you have found 'A House That Fitts' and applied for a mortgage! Your mortgage pre-approval letter is in your inbox. Now, that your mortgage pre-approval letter is in hand, there are some important things to keep in mind ...

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Family Looking at House

6 Reasons to Stop Renting and Start Owning a Home

Renting vs Owning a Home Owning a home is the American dream for many, giving people the satisfaction and pride of having a place to call their own. But that is not the only reason to consider renting vs owning a home. In addition to gaining...

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