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Fall Decorating Trends

Even though fall isn’t officially here until September 22, the date of the fall equinox, we are all ready to usher in the season. After all, who doesn’t love the warm hues of fall: shades of gold, orange, deep red, and chocolate brown? If you’re about to accessorize your home for autumn, check out these fall decorating trends that are popular in 2022.

Use dried grasses and florals in your home

Add some tall, dried grasses to a vase to create interest or to fill an empty corner.  Make a wreath from dried flowers and display it on your front door. Dried grasses and florals can be found at craft stores, dollar stores, and online at sites like Amazon and Etsy. Or you can dry your own florals by hanging garden flowers and grasses upside down for a few weeks, or by pressing them between newspaper and a heavy book.
Dried grasses and florals are popular for fall decorating.

Dried grasses and florals are popular for fall decorating.

Add pumpkins (real or faux) to your living areas

Gather pumpkins of various sizes, paint them white, or leave them in their natural colors, and scatter them around your living area on tables, shelves, and bookcases. Make a fall centerpiece for a dining table using small pumpkins, fall leaves, and seasonal vegetables like kale and eggplant. Use bundles of rosemary and other herbs to fill in any gaps. Southern Living offers many ideas for using pumpkins in your fall decor.
Pumpkins painted white are a fall decorating trend for 2022

Pumpkins painted white can add a touch of fall to your home.

Make a fall display for your mantel

There are so many ways to create a mantel display that will add charm to your living space. Bring fall indoors by using fall foliage, pumpkins, gourds, and candles. Create contrast by adding brass or silver candlesticks, and add touches of nature by using wooden vases, acorns, or pinecones. If you’re going for more of a Halloween vibe, think orange, black, and white. Use black bat paper garlands, orange pumpkins in various sizes, and white votives. Throw in a black witch hat, a plastic skeleton, and a gauzy spider web.
Fall display for your mantel

Add the warmth of the season by creating a fall display for your mantel.

Adorn your front entrance with touches of fall

Adding stacked pumpkins, colorful potted mums, baskets, buckets, and rustic lanterns to your front porch is a fun fall decorating trend for 2022. In addition to orange pumpkins, use gourds and squashes of all shapes and colors. Consider hanging a string of lights, adding a grapevine wreath to the door, and using tall corn stalks for added height. Achieve a multi-layered look by using bales of hay as platforms for pumpkins.
Welcome front porch guests with colorful touches of fall

Welcome guests with colorful touches of fall on your front porch.

Try your hand at some fall DIY crafts

There are many simple DIY crafts that can result in some great fall decor.  Create a fall wreath for your front door using a straw wreath form found at your local craft store; add small faux gourds, pumpkins, leaves, and grasses, and maybe a burlap ribbon. Create your own pressed leaf art by gathering pretty leaves, pressing them between sheets of wax paper under heavy books, and placing them in rustic frames. Paint a pumpkin, carve out the center, and use it as a vase by placing a small jar or can in the middle. Aim for shades of yellow, orange, and green. Get more fun fall decorating trend tips for DIY projects from the Pioneer Woman.
Create a beautiful DIY piece of wall art with fall leaves

Create a beautiful DIY piece of wall art with fall leaves that have been dried, pressed, and framed.

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We hope that these fall decorating ideas will help add some spice and color to your home. Whether it’s pumpkins, leaves, mums, or candles, bring on fall!

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