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Decorate your mantel for fall

Fall Decorating Trends

Even though fall isn’t officially here until September 22, the date of the fall equinox, we are all ready to usher in the season. After all, who doesn’t love the warm hues of fall: shades of gold, orange, deep red, and chocolate brown? If y...

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Learn more about fun family scary films

Family Friendly Scary Movies

Looking for scary movies that the whole family can watch? Do you want to have a family night with pizza and a movie? We’ve got you covered. See our list below for family-friendly scary movies that won’t traumatize the children but will stil...

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Historic First Presbyterian Church in Tuscaloosa

Historic Churches in Tuscaloosa

The city of Tuscaloosa is home to several historic churches. These church buildings vary in size and style, but all have played important roles in the history of Tuscaloosa. From the charter ceremonies for the University of Alabama to the or...

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Maximize small spaces with art hung close to the ceiling

10 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

How can you make the most of a small space? Whether you’re looking to maximize the space in one single room or the whole house, there are some simple ways to maximize your space. Check out the ten ways to maximize small spaces listed below. ...

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Apple-green leaves on a Philodendron

10 Plants that Thrive Indoors

Need a little winter pick-me-up? Plants might be just what you need to brighten up your home or office. Check out our list of 10 plants that thrive indoors. Try freshening up your indoor space by adding some green to your decor. Although som...

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