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Perk Up Your Patio

It’s officially springtime to move the fun outdoors and time to perk up your patio! Get the most out of your patio, deck, or porch by following a few easy patio update steps.

1. Take a close look at your patio furniture.

Is it worn? In need of paint? New cushions? Consider purchasing new furniture, or spruce up what you already own. Clean it–it’s amazing what a little soapy water can do. Consider buying new cushions if new furniture doesn’t fit within your budget. If your outdoor space is small, a bistro table with two chairs might fit perfectly.

Colorful bistro set on a pool deck.

A colorful bistro set can transform a small outdoor space.

Colorful caladiums

Caladiums come in many colors and grow well in shade.

2. Invest in potted plants.

Nothing spices up a space quite like real plants. Potted ferns add a green, airy feel. Caladiums come in many colors and do well in shaded areas. Crotons have colorful leaves and thrive in sunny areas. Whatever the condition of your outdoor space, there is the perfect plant for your particular spot.

3. Add a fire feature.

A fire pit can add a great focal point and a cozy gathering spot. There are many varieties, so consider how much space you have before purchasing one. Firepits range in size from small tabletop varieties to large round pits. Some are smokeless; some are portable. Great options are available for under $350. See HGTV’s listing of great firepit options for your patio update.

4. Accessorize.

Purchase an outdoor rug; there are many inexpensive options that can add comfort and coziness to your outdoor living space. Hang a mirror. Use decorative lanterns. Some homeowners hang drapery panels to enclose the patio and provide privacy. Add an ivy-covered trellis.


Blue ceramic koi fountain

This ceramic koi fountain can add immediate charm. Photo from HGTV.

5. Add a water feature.

A fountain can add visual interest, not to mention the soothing sound of cascading water. Some are designed for gardens, but there are also tabletop and wall-mounted fountains. See HGTV for more suggestions about outdoor water fountain options to help your patio update.

6. Add pops of color.

Paint wooden furniture in a bright hue to liven up the look of your patio. Add accent tables with interesting shapes. Grab colorful throw pillows made from durable outdoor fabric. Add brightly colored flowering plants like geraniums, petunias, or dahlias.

Throw pillows add pops of color to an outdoor seating arrangement

Throw pillows add color, texture, and comfort.

7. Consider using lightweight, portable patio furniture.

A wooden bench, for example, can function as a gardening station, a serving table, or an extra place to sit. Director’s chairs are easily moved and can be folded and put aside when not in use. Wicker chairs and side tables are great for flexibility.

Metal dragonflies on a patio wall.

Metal dragonflies add interest to your patio walls. Available on

8. Create a vintage look.

Comb the aisles of antique stores, flea markets, and estate sales to find old-world items that can add sophistication and charm to your outdoor space. Try hanging metal art on the wall. Vintage signs and outdated license plates can add much charm.

So, whether your outdoor space is a large terrace, a wooden barbeque deck, or a tiny balcony, there are several ways to perk up your patio.


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