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5 Recipes for National Strawberry Month

Enjoy juicy red strawberries during National Strawberry Month

May is National Strawberry Month. And what goes together better than spring and strawberries? We love fresh ripe strawberries right out of the container, in smoothies and shakes, atop shortcakes with fluffy whipped cream, covered in chocolate, and in many other ways.

Check out the 5 recipes for National Strawberry Month below for some tasty ways to enjoy strawberries this season.

1. Healthy Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

This recipe promises to be easy–one bowl, no mixer–and delicious. Described as a “cross between a soft bar cookie and a streusel-topped crumb bar,” this recipe relies on the natural sweetness of the strawberries and calls for only a bit of brown sugar. The vanilla glaze on top is optional but recommended for those who prefer the bars sweeter. Also, frozen strawberries work with this recipe, just in case you want to make them out of season.

Be sure to try these luscious Strawberry Oatmeal Bars from Erin Clarke’s Well Plated blog today.

Healthy Strawberry Oatmeal Bars are a yummy fruit treat

Healthy Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

2. Fresh Strawberry Cake

This cake uses very few ingredients and is easy to prepare. It is a great way to use extra strawberries and even imperfect ones. The sugar sprinkled on top bakes into a crispy crust.

Enjoy this summer strawberry cake from Once Upon a Chef with whipped cream or ice cream.

Fresh Strawberry Cake

Fresh Strawberry Cake

3. Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Frozen daiquiris offer a wonderful way to celebrate spring. Make a blender full for a crowd, or scale the recipe down for individual drinks. Fresh or frozen strawberries can be used, and light rum is recommended.

With a prep time of five minutes, these festive frozen strawberry daiquiri drinks are a must-try at your next get-together.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiris make it easy to celebrate Spring.

4. Strawberry Basil Chicken

If you’re looking for a savory dish with strawberries, look no further than this delicious combination of strawberries, basil, balsamic vinegar, and sauteed garlic. Easy to make, this dish can be cooked on the stovetop or the grill and is simple to prepare. Marinated chicken breasts are covered with the tasty and colorful strawberry sauce. Serve with rice, pasta, or a fresh spring salad.

Get this Wholesomelicious Strawberry Basil Chicken recipe today.

Enjoy this Strawberry Basil Chicken

Strawberry Basil Chicken

5. Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt Pops

Need a kid-friendly recipe for strawberries? Try these delicious strawberry banana frozen yogurt pops. Fresh berries are mashed by hand and combined with banana yogurt, then thinned with fresh fruit juice, and poured into popsicles molds. Easy and yummy and sure to be appreciated by the younger crowd!

Find the frozen yogurt pops recipe at the Foodlets blog.

Yummy Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt Pops

Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt Pops

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