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10 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

How can you make the most of a small space? Whether you’re looking to maximize the space in one single room or the whole house, there are some simple ways to maximize your space. Check out the ten ways to maximize small spaces listed below.

1. Paint it white

A white surface makes any room feel larger. It provides a plain backdrop that allows furniture and art to stand out. Keeping the color palette neutral is a surefire and inexpensive way to make your home feel bigger. Add pops of color through accessories and smaller items.

2. Add mirrors

Mirrors reflect wall colors and can add light to a space without many windows. According to SFGate, “mirrors reflect light instead of absorbing it, so they trick the eye into thinking the room is brighter and larger, depending on where they are placed.” Placing a mirror near a window can create light instantly.

Mirror near a window reflects light

This bedroom uses a strategically placed mirror near a window to reflect the natural light. See for more tips.

Acrylic furniture pieces maximize small spaces

Acrylic coffee tables, such as these Lucite beauties, give this room a light, airy feeling. (Photo from

3. Choose lucite

Lucite end tables, coffee tables, chairs, and such can give a light, airy feeling to a tight space. According to, “lucite or acrylic furniture will always make your space feel less cluttered and give the illusion that your space is larger than it is.”

Floating shelves on the wall

Floating shelves, such as those found on Wayfair, can optimize wall space.

4. Use open floor space

Consider mounting your TV above the fireplace or on an open wall. Use floating shelves to store pots and pans in the kitchen or to display framed photos. Mount magnetic strips to kitchen walls to hold metal cooking utensils. Aim for uncluttered tables and counters.

5. Hang art above eye level

Hanging pieces of art above eye level creates the illusion of taller ceilings. According to, hanging art closer to the ceiling “tends to make the floor look further down, therefore making the ceiling look higher up.”

Maximize small spaces with art hung close to the ceiling

Hanging art closer to the ceiling creates the illusion of a taller ceiling.
(Photo from

6. Free up floor space

Choose furniture with exposed legs. This automatically adds visual space to a room. Armless chairs can have the same effect. Use a large area rug that runs under sofas and tables–this makes the space seem wider. By exposing as much of the floor as possible, you are creating the illusion of more space.

7. Declutter your kitchen countertops

Only the items used daily should be kept out on the kitchen countertops. Perhaps the coffee maker, toaster, and a container of frequently used cooking tools should find a permanent home on the countertop. Other items that are not used daily should be stored out of sight. For more decluttering ideas, visit

Decluttered kitchen countertops

Aim for clean, uncluttered kitchen counters. (Photo from )

Sleek modern sleeper sofa

Modern sleeper sofas, such as this one from Wayfair, are often
sleek and comfortable. (Photo from

8. Use multifunctional furniture

In a small bedroom, consider using a headboard that includes bookshelves or drawers. Use rolling storage bins under the bed. Buy side tables with ample storage space, and mount bedside lamps to the wall. If you have no space for a guest room, consider one of the many styles of sleeper sofas available today.

9. Purchase wall hooks

Who hasn’t struggled with finding keys, a cap, a scarf, or a purse as you head out the door? Get organized with wall hooks. These are particularly effective when placed near the main entryway of a home.

Wall hooks help with storage

Wall hooks near an entryway help with storage. (Photo from

10. Don’t waste space under stairs

The space under the stairs can be converted into several creative and useful spaces. Make a cozy reading nook, a dog den, or a “secret” room for kids to play in. HGTV offers many suggestions such as wine storage, bookcases, and home offices for using this often forgotten space.

Maximize small spaces

In short, a small space can be attractive and efficient when you make the right choices.

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