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How to Invite Happiness into Your Home


How to Invite Happiness into Your Home and into Your Heart

Make Your Bed

71% of people who start their day by making their bed report being happy.

Switch Light Bulbs

Fluorescent lights have been known to trigger feelings of anxiety.

Turn On Music

For instance, listening to uplifting music regularly can boost happiness in 2 weeks.

Embrace Curves

Incorporate organic lines as angular objects are shown to trigger a subconscious stress response.

Hang Family Photos

Reflecting on positive life experiences has been shown to boost your mood.

Display Fresh Flowers

The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions.

Toss The Clutter

Data shows there is a link between high-density homes and high cortisol levels.

Use Color

Studies show people most associate the color green with happiness, so add pops of it to your space.

Hang Pictures of Natural Spaces

A study found just 5 minutes of viewing green environments reduces stress.

Grow Plants

House plants reduce dust in homes by 20%.

Open A Window

Natural light is known to increase serotonin levels.

Light Candles

Floral and vanilla scents have been proven to produce feelings of happiness.

Start a One-Line-a-Day Gratitude Journal

Before bed, write down one happy memory from your day. Reflection is a building block for happiness. Cultivate gratitude in your heart and in your home.

Why A Positive Home Matters

  • Our homes account for 15% of our total overall happiness.
  • 73% of people who are happy with their homes are also happy in life.
  • Finally, happiness has a direct correlation with a longer and healthier lifespan.

—- Bottom Line —-

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