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12 Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are here. Tis the season to make your home bright and festive with some special decorating ideas.

To make the most of the season, we consulted longtime Tuscaloosa interior decorator Ashley Garrison. She has been making people’s lives more beautiful for more than 30 years. Ashley’s work has been featured in magazines, Decorator Showhouses, and Home Tours. In 2016, she was named to Luxe magazine’s Gold List.

Below are 12 decorating ideas for the holidays from Ashley for making your celebrations merry and bright.

Holiday Decorating Ideas

  1. Have a big bowl of assorted nuts and a nutcracker on the coffee table. Everyone will thank you.
  2. Use live wreaths and garlands—there’s nothing like the scent of fresh greenery.
  3. Stack all the holiday-themed books you have together on a table. Children and grown-ups alike will have fun with them.
  4. Use candles, candles, and more candles. For a special evening at home, celebrate by candlelight. Banish all electric lights (except for those on the tree) and pretend that you’re living in the old days. No TV, no cell phones—tell stories instead.
  5. Wrap presents with a clue on the outside. Cut a silhouette or a paper design that hints at what’s in the box, and paste it on the outside instead of a bow.
  6. Place pots of narcissus throughout your home, sometimes two pots to a room. The fragrance is fabulous!
  7. Share old family tales. When all the family is gathered, record various family members’ stories of the old days. Oral history is a great way to create a unique family album. And if grandparents, aunts, and uncles come to expect this tradition, they’ll think of a good one in advance.
  8. Open holiday cards around the dinner table. Pass one to each family member or guest—it’s a great way to share reminiscences.
  9. Remember the birds. Hang popcorn and cranberry garlands as presents for them to eat. For a special treat, cover pine cones with peanut butter mixed with hot bacon fat. Roll the cones in birdseed and hang them on your trees.
  10. Take the neighbors’ children shopping, and have them take yours. Children love a chance to pick out surprises for their parents.
  11. Be a photographer. Take lots of photos of family members cooking, hanging ornaments, exchanging gifts, and celebrating with one another. Set these photos out each year to remember past holiday events.
  12. Enjoy saying “Bah Humbug” throughout the season when things get hectic—it lessens the seriousness!

—- Bottom Line —-

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We hope you enjoyed these holiday decorating ideas—happy holidays!

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