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The Dearing-Swaim House: One of Tuscaloosa’s Most Beautiful Historic Homes

If you’re in downtown Tuscaloosa, do yourself a favor and ride by the Dearing-Swaim home on 14th Street. Now home to Carrie Fitts Real Estate, this historic house was built in 1835 (just four years after the University of Alabama was founded) by Alexander Dearing, a plantation owner from Columbus, Mississippi.

Greek temple-style architecture

The stately mansion is an example of Greek temple-style architecture. It features columns on three sides and a brick sidewalk leading up to the front porch full of rocking chairs and flower-filled planters. Surrounded by lush green grass and shrubs, the Dearing-Swaim house stands as one of the most beautiful historic homes in the area.

Dearing-Swaim house in Tuscaloosa

The historic Dearing-Swaim House, now home to Carrie Fitts Real Estate,
is located on 14th Street in downtown Tuscaloosa.

Historic home on green lawn

The beautiful old house sits atop the shaded green lawn like a crown.

Peacock-inspired landscaping & interior design

The beautiful landscape is enhanced by peacock topiaries flocked with flowers. The peacock topiaries were placed in the yard by a former owner, and Carrie has preserved them. In fact, she’s added flowers to them and even continued the peacock theme indoors with wallpaper. Several people concerned about the peacocks contacted Carrie when she first bought the home, worried that she might get rid of them. She assured them that the peacocks would stay, and indeed they have. In fact, they now use peacocks in most of their branding because of the topiaries, and the tinsel tree at last year’s Tinsel Tree Trail resembled a peacock.

Peacock topiaries at Carrie Fitts Real Estate

The peacock topiaries, placed in the yard by a former owner, add a special touch to the yard.

Peacock themed wallpaper

The peacock theme continues in the interior of the house with the wallpaper in one of the meeting rooms.

Restoring the Dearing-Swaim house

Beautiful bride at the Dearing-Swaim house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The Dearing-Swaim house was recently home to a wedding.

When she purchased the Dearing house in 2021, Carrie knew that its restoration would be a long process, but she welcomed the opportunity to preserve this historic home. “This grand and unabashedly beautiful home really belongs to Tuscaloosa,” says Carrie Fitts. She considers herself the caretaker of the home, and she and her office staff feel fortunate to work in such gorgeous surroundings. The renovation is now complete, with the fascia, the decorative wooden band that forms a cornice under the roof, having been finished.

Now that the renovations are done, the house serves not only as the office for Carrie Fitts Real Estate but it is also used for special events. Halloween parties, egg hunts, and other events have been held there. Most recently, the daughter of one of the realtors was married at this lovely historic home.

Visit Carrie Fitts Real Estate at the beautiful Dearing-Swaim house

Tuscaloosa is fortunate to have the Dearing-Swaim home in our city. In its newly renovated condition, it is a beautiful addition to our town.

—- Bottom Line —-

We hope you’ll stop by the Carrie Fitts Real Estate offices to view this beautifully restored Dearing-Swaim house. And if you are thinking about or ready to purchase a new or second home – or sell your current house – please call us at 205.248.7353 or send us a message. We’ll help you take your first step toward finding “A House That Fitts.”

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