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Child Study Habit Tips

Now that school has started again, homework, projects, and tests are on the horizon. Parents eager to help their children succeed in school are looking for ways to encourage good study habits. We’ve gathered some concrete suggestions for how to help your child tackle homework in a positive way. Read on to discover some effective ways to help your child develop good study habits.

Good study habits are important for children to develop

With the right space, supplies, and attitude, your child can complete homework without stress.

Create a distraction-free study area.

At home work space is helpful

Some families find space for an at-home computer lab, an ideal place for school work.

Set aside a place away from televisions, video games, cell phones, and other distractions. In our technology-filled world, it has become increasingly harder for kids to concentrate. Eliminating devices like cell phones in a dedicated study space can do wonders for concentration.

If your children complain, explain that it’s a temporary separation, not a permanent one. And, if they need to use a laptop or a tablet for their schoolwork, make sure they are in your sight so that you can supervise them while they work.

Make a comfortable (but not too comfy) space for schoolwork.

Maybe your child likes to sit on a stool at the kitchen counter, or perhaps she prefers to sit at a desk. Either way, aim for a bright, well-lit space that lends itself to school work and good study habits. If your child tends to stare out of the kitchen window, close the blinds or turn the child away from the window. If they want to prop up on a pillow to read, allow them to do so under your supervision. A study pillow might be the perfect thing.
Hallway study station is convenient

Create a landing spot for school supplies and a convenient workspace in a hallway or small area. (Photo from

Use a “when then” routine.

Parenting often involves compromises, and schoolwork is no exception. There’s no harm in reminding your child that she will be able to do activities she chooses once she’s done with homework. “When you finish your math problems, then you can watch TV.” “When you’ve read the assigned chapters, then you can ride your bike.” Guiding your child in such a way is bound to help him accomplish his work without feeling overwhelmed.

Invest in some basic school supplies.

Stock up on school supplies

Don’t forget to stock up on school supplies to keep at home.

Every parent’s nightmare is a late-night request for posterboard and paints for that project that is due tomorrow! Though you may not be able to avoid every last-minute crunch, you can at least avoid some by having ample supplies at home. Stay ahead of requests by stocking up on markers, construction paper, posters, glue, colored pencils, and other school supplies so that you’ll be armed and ready for assigned projects. Keep them in a designated spot so that your child will know where to look when the need arises.

Allow snacks and occasional breaks for physical activity.

Offer nutritious snacks like cheese, nuts, and fruit as study snacks. Apply the “when, then” technique–after your child finishes one part of his homework, allow him to shoot baskets for an allotted amount of time before resuming his studies. Physical activity will burn energy and help your child to focus.

The bottom line

Regardless of the space you have in your home, you can create a study spot that will help your child develop a daily routine and complete assignments without undue stress. Remember, your main role is to be encouraging. Stay positive, and assure your child that she can do the work.

Closet study station is a space saver

Convert a closet into a study station that allows siblings to work alongside each other and can easily be closed off when the company comes.
(Photo from Kathy Corbett Interiors)

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