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6 Tips for Updating Your Home on a Budget

Looking to update your home without breaking the bank? While that may seem difficult, it is not impossible. In fact, there are several ways you can update your home on a budget. It’s not always necessary to tear down walls, replace cabinets, and tear up existing floors. Read on for six tips for updating your home on a budget.

1. Add bright lighting

Let’s face it: a dark room is gloomy. To avoid the dark and cramped feeling that a dimly lit room gives off, add more lighting. This could be as simple as adding table lamps or floor lamps, or it might mean replacing or refurbishing old light fixtures. Look for inexpensive lamps in large box stores, at garage sales, or in the sale aisles of lighting stores.

If new fixtures aren’t in the budget, try refurbishing a fixture you already own. A can of spray paint can do wonders for an out-of-date light fixture. Interested in a fun do-it-yourself project? Learn how to makeover a chandelier from the folks at Lehman Lane.

Transform your chandelier

With a can of spray paint, this chandelier–once brass–was transformed into a sleek and modern light fixture.

2. Create an open space

Open floor plans are more in demand than ever. Homeowners want open spaces for connected living. Without knocking down walls, how can this open space be created? One way is to place a mirror opposite a window so that it reflects light, automatically creating a sense of openness.

Another way to create the feeling of open space is to use a light paint color and to use the same color in nearby rooms. Avoid heavy window treatments and large, bulky furniture. If you have a large piece of furniture that you really love, consider painting it the same color as the walls. This will make it “disappear” into the room and create the feeling of more space.

Light makes a room look spacious

Light-colored walls, a mirror strategically placed near the window, and natural light help make this room seem more spacious. (Photo from Remodelista,

3. Paint

Paint is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to update your home. And we’re not just talking about walls–consider painting furniture, interior doors, and even floors.

Tired of dark wooden cabinets in the kitchen or bathrooms? Bring out the white or pale colored paint and create a lighter, more airy feeling by using a light color. If you have dark wood molding and trim, consider painting it white or off-white.

Paint is probably your best tool for updating without major expense and inconvenience. Check out the before and after photos of the kitchen, right?

Before and after pictures of a kitchen

Painting cabinets a light color can truly transform your kitchen. (Photo from

4. Invest in new hardware for cabinets

One of the easiest ways to refresh the look of old cabinets is to replace the pulls and knobs. There are many styles and finishes to select from. Brass, bronze, nickel, and iron hardware are popular choices that come in shiny or dull finishes.

And the best part about replacing hardware for your cabinetry, according to Better Homes & Gardens? It’s simple enough to do it yourself. Basically, you need a drill and screws. You might need wood putty and a putty knife to fill in the holes from previous hardware if there’s a difference in the sizes of the old and new hardware.

Brass hardware on kitchen cabinets

Brass hardware adds an elegant touch to these kitchen cabinets.

5. Add wallpaper

Change the look of your home with wallpaper. Consider using a bold pattern on one wall of your living room or a calm pattern on a bedroom wall. Take advantage of the new removable wallpapers that are available in today’s market.

According to, removable wallpapers are easy to peel off without damaging the wall. Numerous patterns are available at online stores. Learn more about making major updates without major reno projects at

Wallpaper in foyer

Wallpaper can make a huge impact, as shown in this home’s foyer.

6. Replace faucets

Do the faucets in your kitchen and/or bathrooms look worn? If so, consider replacing your faucets to increase your home’s value. You can add a modern touch with the right choice of faucet. And, installation is relatively simple, especially if you take advantage of the many how-to videos found on YouTube and other online sources. According to, bathrooms gain appeal and value when the fixtures are updated. Focusing on the bathroom fixtures as a complete set is a great way to tie the space together with a fresh and modern appeal.

Bathroom hardware

Matching fixtures in this bathroom add instant appeal.

Whether you’re updating your home in order to sell it or modernizing it for your own enjoyment, consider these six tips for updating your home on a budget. With the right choices, you can add both value and appeal without overspending.

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