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The 5 Benefits of Thankfulness

Pumpkin pie picture at thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is inspiring!

There is something about this particular holiday that makes us slow down for a moment and reflect on what is most important.

Everyone wants to feel:

• Needed

• Appreciated

• Validated and

• Understood

“When we are able to help others feel needed, appreciated, validated, and understood it improves the quality of each relationship.”

~ Carrie Fitts

5 Benefits ‘BeneFITTS’ of Thankfulness

1. Thankfulness makes you feel good and creates contentment. You are constantly being told to buy more, do more, look better… it is exhausting!

2. Counting your blessings helps you focus on gratitude for what you already have personally, relationally, and professionally.

3. Thankfulness makes you MORE POSITIVE which makes you MORE

4. Thankfulness makes you MORE PLEASANT to be around!

5. Thankfulness is a choice. Every day you get to choose to be thankful and to choose the ‘beneFITTS’ of gratefulness all year long.