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AboutOlivia Fleming

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Olivia moved to Tuscaloosa in 2015 and has never looked back. Olivia has had the valuable experience of working around people her entire life and in a work setting for the past several years. As a second-generation alumna from The University of Alabama, Olivia has always felt a strong kinship with Tuscaloosa. Through some of her many business interactions, she has learned diplomacy, organizational, and management skills, keeping effective communication with her clients as a top priority. Olivia is skilled in discovering the best product for the customer on a consistent basis. Her experience has taught her to be a team player and she has attained the skill of learning and implementing new things quickly. In addition, her team sports and coaching background has given her an attitude and demeanor that welcomes competition and seeks to overcome adversity. Olivia enjoys being a part of a work atmosphere that appreciates success under many different conditions. Through Carrie Fitts Real Estate, Olivia is eager to give back to her community. Olivia is a highly capable realtor with the personality and experiences to excel.

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